• We Provide Mediation Services For:

    Separated parents, grandparents, extended family and guardians to discuss children's matters, concerns and/or negotiate contact arrangements.

  • We Offer:

    Child Focussed Mediation - which means we encourage parents to make agreements that are in the best interests of their children.

  • We Understand:

    That each family is unique and will have their own particular concerns to discuss.  Experienced Mediators offers a friendly and considerate process for you and your family.

  • Is There A Protection Order?

    Protection orders are designed to keep people safe and sometimes apart, but very often they do allow provision for parents to talk about their children.  Discuss your situation with us - we can advise you.

  • We Offer:

    If your child/ren and/or the other parent lives outside of your town/city, interstate or overseas we are here to help provide telephone mediation services or if you choose we can come to you.

  • Section 60i Certificates

    We are qualified to provide you with a Section 60i Certificate if required following a mediation or in some cases when the other party has not engaged in the mediation process.

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